Digital X-Rays

Dr. Emory Young and Dr. Marina Young are proud to offer you the latest technological advancements in x-ray imaging.  Digital x-rays are similar to traditional dental radiography, but with some key improvements, making the experience more beneficial to both the doctor and the patient.

Digital x-rays are taken the same way as traditional x-rays, but instead of using film, a digital sensor is used.  This means that you will be able to see the image a lot quicker because there is no film to be developed.  Digital x-rays can also be enlarged so the doctor can get a good view of the tooth.  That means  more accurate diagnosis for you!

Digital x-rays are also safer than conventional x-rays.  They require far less radiation to get a quality picture.  Dental x-rays are one of the many tools dentists use to keep your teeth healthy.  They are especially helpful in finding and diagnosing problems that are not able to be found visually.    X-rays are valuable in detecting bone loss, which indicates periodontal problems, and problems in the root of the tooth, which could indicate damage to the tooth’s nerve.